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About Me

Stelios Rammos

Data scientist

My name is Stelios Rammos, I’m just a 21 years old half Greek, half Belgian kid curious about the intricate workings of the world.

What are my interests? My life motivations.


 My motto in life is to always stay curious, keep learning and use my skills to better the life of people around me. I sort of fell into Data Science by chance and quickly realised it reunited all of the above. Through data science I can satisfy my natural curiosity for understanding how different aspects of life interact with each other and use that new knowledge to make better informed decision or improve upon the life of people. Data science can be applied to a huge breadth of subjects but my personal preference has been in the field of health care where I believe a lot can be done to improve medical care and lifestyle.


In my second year of university I was lucky enough to be introduced into Bitcoin by a fellow student and have been falling down the rabbit hole ever since. Bitcoin fascinates me from so many aspects. The technology behind Bitcoin, the game theory imbedded into its protocol or its potential to have a truly profound impact on macro economics are but some examples of the characteristics that got me hooked. Now I want to pass this knowledge on to people who might find it scary at first sight and help them navigate the space. I dedicate part of my time to writing articles on the subject in my Bitcoin related blog and help onboard people through


Sports have always held an important part in my life. I’ve been playing football since childhood and still enjoy playing a game with friends whenever possible.

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